Best Harry Potter Cakes

Here’s a selection of some truely amazing Harry Potter cakes and then at the bottom there’s my retarded effort 😛

So I was like ‘yeah I can do that’. Maybe. Kind of. I think the simplest thing to do would have been the book stack because you just have to make a rectangular cake and cover it in icing. I decided against that and went for, ‘Vaugely Potter themed things on round cake. It wasn’t great. I decided to have a sort of Ravenclaw theme because it was for my sisters birthday and she is such a Ravenclaw. So there was a little book, but I don’t think wrapping a lump of icing in more icing works as well as wrapping cake in icing so it looked like Riddles Diary after someone tried to flush it down the toilet. The cake recipe I used was lemon and blueberry ( which I can recommend strongly on the grounds of deliciousness but not so heartily when it comes to getting a smooth surface to ice. If you’re thinking of making a Harry Potter cake I do recommend you buy some of that nice ready rolled icing and then a pack of coloured regal icing. If you roll two colours of icing together enough you can mix them to get different shades. Have a careful think about what you can make in icing. Owl’s good. People kind of. Quills no. The icing isn’t sturdy enough to make something that delicate, if you want a quill for your cake, or a wand or anything of that nature just buy one and put it on there. Parchment sort of works ‘cos it’s not meant to be all that sturdy. Remember you’ll need to glue everything together with some warmed apricot jam or something and you might need a few cocktail sticks to secure anything complicated. If you’re doing anything with writing icing have a practise with it first so it doesn’t look like it was written by a three year old. Follow this advice and your cake is guaranteed to turn out better than mine. Another thing I think a nice burnt down taper would look better than a birthday candle but then you do risj getting wax all over your cake.


May House Elves assist your efforts.



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