Tea With Harry

Who wouldn’t want to have tea in the Gryffindor common room, roasting marshmallows and crupets on an open fire and you know being in the Gryffindor common room. But next best thing:

And now you have all the cute Harry Potter crockery you could ever need, how about matching your tea to your favourite character? Too far? Probably, but anyhow:

Draco Malfoy – A boy of Malfoy’s heritage would settle for no less than Earl Grey, drink without milk and maybe add a slice of lemon.

Hermione Granger – White tea with elderflower is refined, sweet and a smart choice for Hermione Granger.

Ronald Weasley – Chai, a touch of spice is just the thing to match a ginger.

Harry Potter – Darjeeling, the boy who lived, the chosen one deserves nothing but the best. You can accompany this with  scones, honey and clotted cream to make a variation of the cream tea known as ‘Thunder and Lightning’

Dumbledore – Green tea with lemon, because Dumbledore loves a touch of lemon

Fred and George – Gunpowder tea in tribute to their innovative efforts

Neville Longbottom – Green tea with mint would be an appropriate choice for the green fingered Neville.

Luna Lovegood – Luna is a unique flower, so try jasmine flowering tea for a truly magical experience.


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