The Chamber’s Secrets

1) “There is one major exception to the general magical aversion to Muggle technology, and that is the car (and, to a lesser extent, motorbikes and trains). Prior to the introduction of the International Statute of Secrecy, wizards and Muggles used the same kind of everyday transport: horse-drawn carts and sailing ships among them. The […]

Are You A Potions Master? Take The Quiz.

Let’s see if you’re the Half Blood Prince or Neville Longbottom, open your copies of Advanced Potion Making and turn to page 394: 1. If I wanted nonsense shouted at me what potion would I give you? A. A Drivelling Draft B. A Babbling Beverage C. A Chattering Cordial 2. Which of these is not another name […]

Charlie Weasley

According to the Harry Potter wiki page Charlie Weasley was born on the 12th of December 1972, this would mean that he finished Hogwarts in 1991 (According to the wiki page he attends 1984 to 1991, because you start secondary  school in the school year in which you turn 12 [this holds consistent for other characters]). […]

The Fabulously Fiendish Fantastic Beasts Quiz

The answers to all the questions in this quiz can be found in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Q1. The Kappa is most commonly found in? A. Mongolia B. China C. Japan Q2. What animal is born from an unwatched magical fire? A. Ashwinder B. Runespoor C. Fire Crab Q3. The sting of […]

Ottery St Mary: Ron’s home town

You may remember that Ron’s home town is reffered to in the books as Ottery St Catchpole. This is almost certainly based on the real life Devon town of Ottery St Mary, which is near Exeter where J K Rowling went to university. Ottery means on the river and catchpole is an old surname that has something […]

Not a Flaw: Nagini

There’s a quote you may have heard: “Yes, it’s rather funny, really, that next to no-one realised the snake that Harry set free in Philosopher’s Stone turned out to be Voldemort’s final Horcrux, Nagini.” — J.K. Rowling Yeah, you may also have heard that it isn’t remotely true. The snake from the first book is […]