The Fabulously Fiendish Fantastic Beasts Quiz


The answers to all the questions in this quiz can be found in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

Q1. The Kappa is most commonly found in?

A. Mongolia
B. China
C. Japan

Q2. What animal is born from an unwatched magical fire?

A. Ashwinder
B. Runespoor
C. Fire Crab

Q3. The sting of the Billywig is rumoured to be used in which popular sweet?

A. Droobles Best Blowing Gum
B. Pepper Imps
C. Fizzing Whizbees

Q4. Which magical birds cry is NOT unbearable?

A. Fwooper
B. Diricawl
C. Augurey

Q5. Which Dragon species was responsible for the Ilfracombe incident?

A. Common Welsh Green
B. Hebridean Black
C. Swedish Short Snout

Q6. Which creature feasts on Mandrake?

A. Jarvey
B. Dugbog
C. Bundimun

Q7. The Loch Ness Monster is a:

A. Sea Serpent
B. Shrake
C. Kelpie

Q8. Which creature CANNOT be used to make concealing clothing?

A. Tebo
B. Demiguise
C. Lethifold

Q9. Which demon can be defeated by a good kicking?

A. Pogrebin
B. Grindylow
C. Erkling

Q10. Jobbernoll feathers can be used in?

A. Love Potions
B. Shrinking Solutions
C. Truth Serums

Click on the comments for the answers

1-3 D: Dreadful
4-6 A: Acceptable
7-9 E: Exceeds Expectations
10 O: Outstanding


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