Are You A Potions Master? Take The Quiz.

Let’s see if you’re the Half Blood Prince or Neville Longbottom, open your copies of Advanced Potion Making and turn to page 394:

1. If I wanted nonsense shouted at me what potion would I give you?

A. A Drivelling Draft
B. A Babbling Beverage
C. A Chattering Cordial

2. Which of these is not another name for aconite?

A. Monkshood
B. Wolfsbane
C. Asphodel

3.  To make the Draught of Living Death how should you prepare your sophophorus bean?

A. Cut the bean
B. Crush with a silver knife
C. Cut with a bronze dagger.

4. When making a Polyjuice Potion the Fluxweed should be picked at?

A. The full moon
B.  New moon
C. Crescent moon

5. Which of these did not write a potions book used at Hogwarts?

A. Libatius Borage
B. Arsenius Jigger
C. Sacharissa Tugwood

6. Which of these is a side effect of Elixer to Induce Euphoria which may be counteracted by the addition of peppermint?

A. Nose Tweaking
B. Hiccoughing
C. Hysterical laughter

7. What potion is made from daisy roots, leech juice, shrivel fig, caterpillars and rat spleen?

A. Swelling Solution
B. Strengthening Solution
C. Shrinking Solution

8. What ingredient can be used to cure acne?

A. Puffopods
B. Bubotubers
C. Snargaluff

9. Which of the following is one of the 12 uses of Dragon’s Blood discovered by Albus Dumbledore?

A. Burn healer
B. Oven cleaner
C. Mind stimulant

10. A key ingredient in a forgetfulness potion is water from the river?

A. Lethe
B. Styx
C. Acheron

Answers: 1. B, 2. C, 3. B, 4. A, 5. C, 6. A, 7. C, 8. B, 9. B, 10. A

1 – 3

T – Troll

It’s rumoured that Harry Potter is taking Remedial Potions and it looks like you might be joining him.

4 – 6

A – Acceptable

Well you’ve past and Mrs Weasley isn’t going to beat you with a broomstick but you’re going to have to work like a house-elf if you want to get that grade up.

7 – 10

O – Outstanding

You must be pumped to the gills with Dragon Claw or have the natural talent of a Lily Potter herself. You can bottle fame, brew glory, even stopper death.

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