It’s the Harry Potter Christmas Quiz! (Books 1 – 3)

 Q1) How many Christmases does Harry spend at Hogwarts?

a) Three
b) Four
c) Five

Q2) Which of these does not decorate the Great Hall in the Order of the Pheonix?

a) Golden bubbles
b) Tiny icicles
c) Shining stars

Q3)  Harry’s first Weasley jumper is:

a) Emerald green
b) Blue with a yellow ‘H’
c) Red with a Golden Snitch

Q4) At dinner in the Philosopher’s Stone Dumbledore exchanges his wizards hat for:

a) a flowered bonnet
b) a rear-admiral’s hat
c) a hat topped with a stuffed vulture

Q5) In the Chamber of Secrets the Dursley’s send Harry:

a) a single tissue
b) a fifty pence piece
c) a toothpick

Q6) In the Chamber of Secrets Fred and George enchant Percy’s badge so it reads what at the Christmas feast?

a) Humongous Bighead
b) Pinhead
c) Bighead Boy

Q7) What kind of cake did Hermione use to trick Crabbe and Goyle?

a) Chocolate Cakes
b) Cauldron Cakes
c) Strawberry Cupcakes

Q8) Who do Harry and Ron run into on their way to the Slytherin common room?

a) Peeves
b) Penelope Clearwater and Percy Weasley
c) Filch and Mrs Norris

Q9) On which day does Hagrid hear about Buckbeak’s upcoming execution?

a) Christmas Eve
b) The first day of the Christmas Holidays
c) Christmas Day

Q10) Which Hogwart’s feature glows with a mysterious light in the approach to Christmas in the Prisoner of Azkeban?

a) The Lake
b) Suits of Armour
c) The Great Hall’s ceiling

Q11) In addition to his jumper Harry recieves which of these from Mrs Weasley?

a) home baked mince pies, Christmas cake and nut brittle
b) Treacle fudge and a plum cake
c) Chocolate frogs and Rock cakes.

Q12) McGonagall offers Trelawney what delicacy when she joins the Azkeban Christmas table?

a) Chipolatas
b) Sprouts
c) Tripe

Q1) b
Q2) c
Q3) a
Q4) a
Q5) c
Q6) b
Q7) a
Q8) b
Q9) b
Q10) b
Q11) a
Q12) c

One thought on “It’s the Harry Potter Christmas Quiz! (Books 1 – 3)

  1. I like this quizes!! I’m a spanish potterhead but I really like HarryPotter.
    I’m looking forward to reading new posts..
    Best wishes,
    A spanish student who likes your blog.

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