Herbology O.W.L. Written Exam


Q1) How can you tell when a Mandrake or Mandragora is ready for use in a Mandrake restorative draught?

A) They develop acne.
B) They scream when removed from their pot.
C) They start moving into each others pots.

Q2) A puffapod is what colour?

A) Pink
B) Green
C) Purple

Q3) A Devil’s Snare could be confused with which houseplant?

A) Umbrella Flower
B) Flitterbloom
C) Venemous Tentacular

Q4) Who first discovered the properties of gillyweed?

A) Beaumont Majoribanks
B) Miranda Goshawk
C) Eladora Ketteridge

Q5) Bubotuber pus can be identified by its strong smell of what?

A) Petrol
B) Manure
C) Acid

Q6) What is the correct way to juice a snargaluff pod?

A) Crush with a silver knife
B) Puncture with something sharp
C) Use diffindo

Q7) How would you treat an injured whomping willow limb?

A) A good prune & dragon manure
B) With dittany
C) With splints & slings

Q8) The flutterby bush blooms how often?

A) Once a year
B) Once a decade
C) Once a century

Q9) What vegetable does a gurdyroot resemble?

A) An onion
B) A carrot
C) A turnip

Q10) The mimbleus mimbletonia’s natural range is?

A) Assyria
B) Armenia
C) Australia

Q1) C, Q2) A, Q3) B, Q4) C, Q5) A, Q6) B, Q7) C, Q8) C, Q9) A, Q10) A


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