Not a Flaw: Draco Malfoy and the Veelas

Have you heard this one? Draco Malfoy is apparently part Veela because he is blonde, presumably. Because God knows you can’t just have unusual colouring.

Firstly I’d like to address an interesting side question, presumably there must be male Veela? Fleur is only part Veela though the Veela genes seem to dominate in her family. Therefore in order for there to be any ‘pure’ Veelas there must be male Veelas hiding somewhere in the background never being mentioned and watching wizards throw themselves at their women folk. Or Veelas reproduce asexually but then why would they marry wizards? Or they just spring from magic somehow?

I’m assuming they are based on the Slavic vila where they were believed to be the spirits of frivolous women stuck in some kind of purgatory. Which is not useful in terms of working out reproduction.

But back to Draco. Bill and Fleur have one son, Louis, so it is possible for a male to be part Veela but the whole Draco is part Veela story line seems to mostly come from various fan fics. As far as I can tell J.K.Rowling has said nothing to suggest there is Veela blood in the Malfoys. If there were it could be problematic for several reasons, firstly because pure blood families are very interconnected it would almost certainly mean there was Veela blood in every other pure blood family and there are no signs that this is the case. Secondly if the Malfoys’ views on half breeds are anything like those of Umbridge – and I’m betting they are seeing as Draco refers to Hagrid as a ‘half breed’ and Voldemort mocks Bellatrix and Narcissa when Tonks marries a werewolf – it seems like a Veela would fail to meet their stringent blood standards.

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