Sorting Hufflepuffs

Ok I’d like to talk a bit about sorting.

Dumbledore worries that they might sort too young. I agree that Snape is as brave as he is obsessed with blood status, but let’s face it they would have to sort at about 25 for that to become apparent.

The hat wonders if they should sort at all and maybe that’s a legitimate concern.

What worries me more is how sorting even works?

I mean Harry basically picks the house he gets in. How does the hat ensure an even distribution of students among the houses whilst picking the correct house to fit their head? How does Hufflepuff get filled when they have a reputation for being ‘a load of duffers’? Are they all muggle borns who haven’t heard enough to be thinking ‘not Hufflepuff, not Hufflepuff’? Cedric Diggory was at least a half blood, did he come from a line of proud Hufflepuffs? He seems to have been brave (triwizard)  and smart (TRIWIZARD)  enough to have fitted into Gryffindor or Ravenclaw equally well.

Even more baffling, how did Wormtail end up in Gryffindor? Cowardice is pretty much his defining characteristic. Was he a brave little boy who somehow grew up into a grovelling mess? What the hell was the sorting hat thinking? Was he too betrayal prone for Hufflepuff, too dumb for Ravenclaw and too muggle for Slytherin (but not for Voldemort)? It makes no real sense that a man who would betray every single one of his friends to save his own skin, who would fake his own death and hide as a rat for 12 years, would end up in the house of ‘daring, nerve, and chivalry’. Chivalry now means ‘having your best friend’s wife killed’.

Does Sorting, in fact, say more about how students think about themselves than who they actually are? Does Pettigrew think of himself as a brave knight, is Cedric overly diffident about his own abilities? How would Neville end up in Gryffindor if that was the case? The Sorting hat definitely seems to see qualities in Neville that he doesn’t know he has? But not in Snape or Wormtail?

Basically I’m just feeling a little lost on the whole topic. Sorting is ineffective and not necessarily advised as a guide to a growing wizards personality.

2 thoughts on “Sorting Hufflepuffs

  1. Wormtail did sacrifice his hand for his master… That’s pretty loyal. Also, come on, despite his bravery, Cedric’s a right duffer. 🙂

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