Hogwarts Express


The Hogwarts Express is used by all Hogwarts students to arrive at Hogwarts. It is a kidnapped muggle steam engine, stolen in the 1800’s from Crewe to solve the problem of unobtrusively transporting hundreds of students to the school. There was initial resistance from pure-blood families against using a Muggle-built device for wizard transportation (which, they claimed, was “unsafe, insanitary and demeaning”), until the Ministry decreed that students would arrive to school on the train or not attend at all.[1]

Has anyone spottes how dumb that is yet? The train goes from Kings Cross to Hogsmede. If it makes any other stops they are never mentioned. It certainly has no earlier stops otherwise the Weasleys wouldn’t be travelling from Devon to Kings Cross to get it.

Everyone has to get the train. Even Seamus Finnegan who is from Ireland, even students from Scotland. Why travel to Kings Cross to travel right back up to Scotland? How accessible is Kings Cross to a Wizard? You can’t seem to take the floo network, or surely the Weasleys would. Maybe it just makes luggage a hassle. Surely Wizards arriving via broom or portkey wouldn’t go down well if the whole point is to be unobtrusive. On the whole it seems like a much better idea would be to travel by the floo network directly to Hogwarts. Although luggage might be an issue.

What if you live in Hogsmede? It’s a wizarding village there must be Hogwarts students among them. Do they live at home? Do they still have to get the silly impractical train?

Does the ‘by train or not at all’ rule only apply in the summer? Because Harry gets the Knight Bus back after Christmas in Order of the Phoenix.

In short this is a terrible way to get to school. It makes no sense. Also a thousand wizarding families descending on Kings Cross, complete with owls, toads, broomsticks and a lax approach to muggle dress is going to cause some comment. I love you Hogwarts Express but you’re silly.

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