Hogwarts Express

  The Hogwarts Express is used by all Hogwarts students to arrive at Hogwarts. It is a kidnapped muggle steam engine, stolen in the 1800’s from Crewe to solve the problem of unobtrusively transporting hundreds of students to the school. There was initial resistance from pure-blood families against using a Muggle-built device for wizard transportation […]

All of the useful things Ron has ever done.

  Ok, time to get topical. I’m sure you’ve all seen this story about why Hermione shouldn’t have married Ron and maybe you remember this one as well, where JK Rowling talks about killing off Ron. I’ll be honest Ron has never been my favorite member of the Harry Potter cast. He sulks, he’s occasionally mean […]

JK Rowling

Harry Potter Name Origins

I know that J.K.Rowling puts a lot of thought into the names she gives her characters. Sometimes this is relatively obvious, for example Sirius is names after the dog star. However, some of them are a little harder to catch, and here at Potterflaws we are all about the details so here is a list […]

It’s the Harry Potter Christmas Quiz! Books 4 – 7

I do these little quizzes because all the Harry Potter quizzes I come across are absurdly easy and frequently poorly spelled. So do not in any way worry if you don’t get them all right because it’s meant to be reasonably finickity and difficult. Hopefully I’m pitching it to be challenging but not impossible. Let me know […]