Dress like a Hufflepuff

I know Star Wars is getting all the high fashion attention (as seen here http://jezebel.com/another-star-wars-themed-collection-hits-the-fashion-we-1524377142 and here http://jezebel.com/rodartes-fall-winter-collection-is-star-wars-themed-1520701042) But I want us to all take a moment to contemplate how awesome Black Milk is? Queary what is 60 Australian Dollars in money? It’s like 1 Galleon and I can buy the lot right?

Charlie Weasley

According to the Harry Potter wiki page Charlie Weasley was born on the 12th of December 1972, this would mean that he finished Hogwarts in 1991 (According to the wiki page he attends 1984 to 1991, because you start secondary ¬†school in the school year in which you turn 12 [this holds consistent for other¬†characters]). […]

The Flaw in the Stone

This is a new thing, so I suppose I should take a second to explain the concept to anyone who hasn’t read the about page (probably everyone). When you read a book too many times you begin to notice all the little facets that don’t quite hang together. All the little contradictions. And if you […]