All of the useful things Ron has ever done.

  Ok, time to get topical. I’m sure you’ve all seen this story about why Hermione shouldn’t have married Ron and maybe you remember this one as well, where JK Rowling talks about killing off Ron. I’ll be honest Ron has never been my favorite member of the Harry Potter cast. He sulks, he’s occasionally mean […]

Ottery St Mary: Ron’s home town

You may remember that Ron’s home town is reffered to in the books as Ottery St Catchpole. This is almost certainly based on the real life Devon town of Ottery St Mary, which is near Exeter where J K Rowling went to university. Ottery means on the river and catchpole is an old surname that has something […]

Tea With Harry

Who wouldn’t want to have tea in the Gryffindor common room, roasting marshmallows and crupets on an open fire and you know being in the Gryffindor common room. But next best thing: And now you have all the cute Harry Potter crockery you could ever need, how about matching your tea to your favourite character? Too […]