It’s the Harry Potter Christmas Quiz! Books 4 – 7

I do these little quizzes because all the Harry Potter quizzes I come across are absurdly easy and frequently poorly spelled. So do not in any way worry if you don’t get them all right because it’s meant to be reasonably finickity and difficult. Hopefully I’m pitching it to be challenging but not impossible. Let me know […]

It’s the Harry Potter Christmas Quiz! (Books 1 – 3)

 Q1) How many Christmases does Harry spend at Hogwarts? a) Three b) Four c) Five Q2) Which of these does not decorate the Great Hall in the Order of the Pheonix? a) Golden bubbles b) Tiny icicles c) Shining stars Q3)  Harry’s first Weasley jumper is: a) Emerald green b) Blue with a yellow ‘H’ c) […]

Not a flaw: An inch from madness.

At some point in your wanderings through the trecherous pathways of the interweb you must have come accross this old chestnut “Why are wands measured in inches if Hogwarts is in Britain.” Then below it are comments from 20,000 angry English people. So let me address the question once and for all. This is a […]

Ask Lockhart or How I can solve all your problems with my magic wand.

I professor Lockhart am here to solve all your magical problems with a swift application of magical me! Today’s letter is from a young man concerned about the qualifications of his teacher. Q. Dear Professor Lockhart, I have a terrible teacher. He’s an arrogant idiot and he’s even brought wild animals into the classroom, I […]