Professor Lockhart

Ask Lockhart: or How I can solve all your problems with my magic wand. (Part three)

I professor Lockhart am here to solve all your magical problems with a swift application of magical me! Today’s letter is from a young man worried about his blood status and the terrible creature roaming the school. Dear Professor Lockhart, I am so scared that I’m going to be attacked by Slytherin’s monster. I’ve got […]

Sees Brother On Marauders Map Sleeping With Man Names Peter Pettigre Every Night, Doesn't Bring It Up Or Judge Him

Not A Flaw: Peter Pettigrew

  This ones been floating round for a while. Why don’t Fred and George ever notice Peter Pettigrew? Why doesn’t Harry for that matter. But the twins more so because they have had two and a half years to notice that there’s an extra person sleeping with their brother. So what the hell? Well I […]

The Seven Secrets

Quick question: How many secret passages into Hogwarts? 7 right. Everything in Harry Potter is 7. So there are four that Filch knows about, one that was blocked by a cave in, one that ends up in Honeydukes and one under the Whomping Willow. One that goes to the Shrieking Shack. One that Sirius Black […]


Harry Potter and the Recessive Allele

Arguments have been made that magic is a recessive allele.   Here is a link explaining the argument. If you hate clicking things I will give you a quick summary. As you may remember from biology class your genetic makeup is determined by alleles you receive from each parent. These can be dominant or recessive. […]